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In the progressive world of aviation maintenance, an unwavering commitment to safety is the linchpin that ensures the longevity and reliability of general aviation aircraft. Our organization places safety at the forefront of every job, recognizing it as THE non-negotiable cornerstone of our mission. Rigorous adherence to industry standards, regulatory guidelines, and ongoing training programs, form the backbone of our safety culture. Our team undergoes regular training sessions to stay abreast of evolving safety protocols, technological advancements, and industry best practices, fostering a proactive approach to risk mitigation.


Beyond mere compliance, our commitment to safety extends to a holistic approach that encompasses preventive measures, transparent reporting mechanisms, and a culture that encourages open communication about potential hazards. We invest in modern equipment, conduct thorough inspections, and maintain a reporting system for near misses or incidents. This commitment is not just a regulatory obligation; it's a moral responsibility that underscores our dedication to the well-being of our team members, the reliability of the aircraft we service, and the broader aviation community. In prioritizing safety, we not only meet industry standards but set a higher bar for excellence in general aviation maintenance.

Safety Reporting

We encourage all employees and customers to report any potential safety problems, concerns, or observations. These reports are not shared and are only used to identify potential areas for improvement or to identify trends as it relates to the operation of Base Leg Maintenance. A single incident may seem to not be a big deal, however the same incident or near-miss repeating itself or left unaddressed may eventually lead to a bad situation. The ability to identify concerning trends and address the trends, not the individuals, is a key component to our safety program. Safety reports can also include observations of other aircraft, concerns at other airports, or any issue observed by our employees or customers when flying. Stay safe!

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